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Why has my dentist recommended my child see an orthodontist when he/she still has baby teeth?
During the mixed dentition (when your child has both baby and adult teeth present) we can identify and sometimes address eruption problems with the permanent teeth. In addition, if the jaws are not growing properly this can be discussed and monitored as your child continues to grow and develop.
Does my child need braces?
Nobody needs braces. Many people can continue to chew, speak and swallow with crowded teeth and bites that do not line up. However, in most cases we have more treatment options available when your child is still growing.
What will happen if we do not proceed with treatment?
In the majority of patients, nothing will happen if they do not straighten their teeth. As mentioned above, treatment options change as you get older.
How long will treatment take?
Average treatment is 2 years in duration.
How much do braces cost?
Everyone's treatment is specific for them. As such, there is no one fee for braces. Following your records appointment, we can provide you with a pre-determination of the cost of treatment. This is your written record of the cost of treatment and can be used to determine if your insurance company will cover treatment.
Do you submit forms to my insurance company?
We do not submit information to your insurance company on your behalf. We will provide you with receipts that can be submitted for reimbursement.
Do you have payment plans?
Our fees are broken down into monthly payments.